Michael Brown

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Amanda's​   Message

I am keeping my promise to Amanda.

I teach high school and middle school students about skin cancer using the award winning, Melanoma Education Foundation curriculum.

"Amanda's Message Tour", (city)

I plan on going through every state to spread Amanda's Message.

On a personal note:

I want to thank Mayor Joe Sinnott for being so kind, insightful and just downright genuine.

My faith is restored in politicians...or at least this one. He is truly the best!!

Mayor Joe Sinnott

A Email I received from Mayor, Joe Sinnott

Hi Michael,

Glad to hear the tour is going well. It must make you feel good to be reaching these young people with your message.

I have a story for you too. My staff member, who you met at McDowell was so moved by the presentation that you gave, she made appointments for her and her boyfriend to see a dermatologist shortly thereafter.

The Dermatologist found a problem with a "mole" on her boyfriend's arm and they ultimately had to remove large growth.  She was very happy they caught it early and she would have never known to go get them checked if it was not for your speech.

Another success story for the tour!

Keep on the march.... it is making a difference one person at a time.

Be safe and keep me posted on how things are going.